1. Yet Another Kito Jempere Album

  2. Every Minute Is Too Late ft. Noteless (Fango Remix)

  3. After The Storm ft. Maajo (Radio Edit & Remotif Remix)

  4. Et Que Je Dorme ft. Miriam Sekhon & Lovvlovver (Andras & Super Drama Remixes)

  5. 思考気雲 ft. Minako Sasajima, Jimi Tenor & Lovvlovver (Hiro Ama & Max Essa Remixes)

  6. Your Ghost In Me ft. Hard Ton & Noteless (incl. Lipelis & Moonoton Remixes)

  7. Time Traveler ft. Cedric Gasaida, Lipelis & Mujuice (incl. Cable Toy & Errortica Remixes)

  8. Animuun

  9. Anima Mundi

  10. Astrorat

  11. Isolation Parts

  12. Workout

  13. Thru The Silence (incl. Lipelis Instrumental Mix)

  14. The Slept On: Early years of Kito Jempere music you passed by 2012—2015

  15. A King Of Comets ft. New Composers & Lovvlovver

  16. Comet Parts

  17. 11 P.M. ft. Lovvlovver

  18. #worldtogether2020

  19. Gas Station Salad (incl. Juju & Jordash and Arsenii Remixes)

  20. Lovers (Lovvlovver Remix)
    Kito Jempere Band

  21. Будем Как Солнце (Kito Jempere & Lovvlovver Remix)
    Race to Space

  22. My Love Is For Real ft. Haddaway (Kito Jempere Remixes)

  23. Sea Monster (Director's Cut)

  24. Uohha! / To Marvin

  25. FKA Lany / Drakon

  26. Cherish The (Darkest) Day ft. Noteless & Lovvlover

  27. MT Jimolost Remixes
    Mumiy Troll

  28. Die Young (Kito Jempere Aftermath Remix)

  29. Lovers
    Kito Jempere Band

  30. Tiger Punch (prod. by Gadzhi)
    Kito Jempere Band

  31. ドラゴンを追う (Kito Jempere Edit)

  32. Live Recordings (2015—2018)
    Kito Jempere Band

  33. My Shway (Kito Jempere Unfinished Definition Remix)
    DJ RX-5

  34. Damp Firecrackers

  35. Sea Monster - Remixes Part 2

  36. Listopad (Kito Jemepre Remix)

  37. Super Sax Sounds

  38. Sea Monster - Remixes Part 1

  39. Sea Monster

  40. OT*
    Moral Kiosk

  41. Ampa

  42. Tempelhof Kite (Kito Jempere Remix)

  43. Go To It (Kito Jempere Remix)
    Sebastian Bromberger

  44. Bahnsteig 029

  45. Finland Express ft. Noteless

  46. Rhubarb Wire
    Jay Shepheard & Kito Jempere

  47. I'm Saved

  48. Objects Remixed

  49. Dizzy Talks

  50. Glide Shot (Kito Jempere Remix)

  51. William In Space (Kito Jempere Remix)
    Sickdisco, Bvoice, Anrilov, Danilov

  52. Amended Wonders (incl. Palms Trax Remix)

  53. Objects Remixes EP2 (incl. Simple Symmetry, Ptaki, Ruf Dug and Arsenii Remixes)

  54. Blue Chest (Kito Jempere Remix)
    Red Snapper

  55. This Is Why We Do This

  56. Davay (Kito Jempere Remix)

  57. AKIO EP (incl. Nachtbraker and Roberto Rodriguez Remixes)

  58. Objects Remixes EP1 (incl. HNNY, Selvy, Jacques Renault and Inkswel Remixes)

  59. Timber (Kito Jempere Remix)

  60. It's A Trap Admiral

  61. A Collection of Unreleased Demos and Live Takes

  62. Objects Sampler (incl. Juju & Jordash Remix)

  63. Objects

  64. Crosswinds (Kito Jempere Remix)

  65. Confusion EP


Kito Jempere Saint Petersburg, Russia

DJ, producer, label head, father, friend

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